bitcoinWelcome, and thank you for visiting. Bitcoineze is here to help you understand what bitcoin is, does, and everything else in between.  If your wondering how to buy bitcoin, what miners do? What ICOs are? And much more, you have found the right place.  We have designed this website to help beginners into the digital currency industry.

The Blockchain

On the 18th August 2008 the domain name bitcoin.org was registered.  Later that year Satoshi Nakamoto released a paper detailing a new way of doing electronic transactions without relying on trust.  For example the trust of a 3rd party to to complete a transaction between 2 individuals.  This as we know it now are transactions completed, and publicly available on the blockchain.

All you need to check a single transaction is the TX id, or even just the sender, or recipients bitcoin address (public key).  NEVER give anyone your private key for you bitcoin wallet.  If you do they can easily take all of your bitcoin.  Bitcoin is similar to cash, in that if you lose it, there is no way to get it back.  Not even Satoshi Nakamoto can help you.  Its gone!  If you lose your bitcoin keys/wallet info, you have lost your bitcoin.  Nobody can help you.  This is something that you need to understand immediately.  Please safely store your bitcoin wallet information.

Bitcoin Millionaires

Bitcoin has made many people very rich.  Have you heard the storey of the pizza delivery man that was talked into accepting 10,000 bitcoins for 2 pizzas?  That is one great tip!  Just hope the delivery guy held onto those coins. Most people have seen bitcoins massive increase in value, so want to make money from it too. You can buy bitcoin from coinbase, or read our guide here. If want to buy other coins like ripple or monero, you can at Binance.com

Other Coins – Alt Coins

Other coins like ethereum and many others are based on the concept of bitcoin, and the blockchain.  But work in a different way, and offer alternative features, and uses.  More on this later.  Some coins fail, in the same way that businesses do.  While others prosper, and become extremely rewarding for its early adopters/investors.

Your Own Bitcoin Wallet

Getting your own bitcoin / bitcoin wallet is now very easy to do. You can get a wallet to use on your mobile device in iOS or Android, and a wallet for your desktop pc. You can make mobile payments using your phone just by scanning a QR code, and receive payments just as easy. Bitcoin debit cards are becoming available, loans, and even margin trading can be utilised. To get your own bitcoin wallet at coinbase.com

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