Forty Seven Bank ICO – Connecting Financial Worlds

forty seven bank multi assetForty Seven Bank, a UK company is proposing to offer services that bridge the gap between fiat and digital/crypto currencies. For private, business, traders, and developer applications, a wide range of services will become available. White label banking services will become available for some developers that will be in competition with regular banks. Biometric point of sale devices to be developed, and loans to be made available in normal fiat currencies as well as bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Crypto Bonds With Annual Interest

Crypto bonds with an annual interest rate still to be specified are proposed from forty seven bank. Asset backed, convertible, and will be redeemable to the bearer. Their idea is to offer a way for companies to raise digital currency/crypto currencies, and offer investors a way to make money. These bonds are to be easily bought and sold in the digital currency market place. Forty seven will also be offering market making, underwriting, primary issuance, brokerage, and clearance.

Crypto Futures

Speculation on the future price of digital currency contracts to become available. What could bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, ripple, or many others be worth in the future?

Whitelabel Processing

Bank as a service api from forty seven Bank will give 3rd parties the ability to make their own websites and apps as their own branded products and services. While using forty seven banks infrastructure for processing.

Price And Circulation

11,063,829 FSBT will be the maximum available tokens in supply. This will include all bonus, and tokens for founders etc. This figure maybe less as not all investors will receive maximum bonuses we are assuming.

Bonuses are available indicated by the amount of investment you make. Bonus levels are in tiers depending how much you invest. Anywhere up to 20% bonus is available. Check out the forty seven website for more info.

Market Cap

Taking into account the maximum circulation supply of 11,063,829, if all max bonus are applied etc then the total ETH market cap would be 47,353 ETH aprox. At current market rate that would mean a market cap of just under 31 million USD.

Investments can be made in BTC or ETH.

1 FSBT = 0.00428 ETH

1ETH = 233.2 FSBT

Soft cap of 3000 ETH

Hard cap of 36000 ETH

More Than Your UK High Street Bank

Private Banking

  • Access to apps
  • Multi asset account
  • Multi bank account management
  • Credit/debit card management. Ability to make withdrawals at cooperating atms, and forty seven smart atms.
  • Crypto wallet management
  • Deposits in fiat and non fiat
  • Loans in fiat and non fiat
  • Insurance
  • Transfers and payments
  • Payment history
  • Withdrawals
  • Fiat and non fiat currency conversion
  • Smart support
  • Smart atms
  • Invoicing – Aimed at users who do not have a company but would like to be able to be paid for freelancing, copyrighting, craft making services etc in fiat and non fiat.
  • Investments

Business Banking

  • Access to app platform
  • Api management
  • Fiat and non fiat payment processing
  • Mass payouts in fiat and non fiat
  • Factoring and financing – Allowing the guaranteed finance on smart contracts issued by the company. And other short-term finance options.
  • Card issuing
  • Invoicing
  • White label processing
  • Smart contract management
  • Ico escrow
  • Biometric pos terminals
  • Smart support


  • Card issuing
  • Prediction models
  • Loyalty services
  • Data analytics
  • Third part services
  • KYC and compliance services
  • Scoring
  • Api payments
  • App marketplace – Developers will have the opportunity to develop apps that interact with the forty seven bank, such as trading bots. Your own banking products, or even more complex tools to increase the scale of your project / business.
  • Bank as a service

Trader Products

  • Crypto bonds
  • Crypto futures
  • Derivatives in fiat and non fiat
  • Access to exchanges via api
  • Access to forty seven bank exchange
  • Trader account management
  • Analytics
  • AI hedging
  • Smart support
  • Access to app platform

Remember, all icos/investments carry risk. You may lose your entire investment. Bitcoin, and crypto currencies are high risk.