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Waves platform

Easily create custom block chain tokens on the waves platform for whatever your business requires on what it claims to be the fastest Blockchain in the world! Crowdfunding, your ico, loyalty programs, and more. Waves removes a massive amount of the technical needs for anyone wishing to create their own block chain token. All users need to do is download the waves client, pick a name, associated supply amounts, then pay a small fee. Currently 1 wave is 0.00062 btc or about $6.12 at today’s rate. Online wallet available here. Waveswallet.io. As always please securely back up your wallet.

Decentralised Exchange (DEX)

Not only does waves make it easy to create tokens, it makes them tradable on the waves decentralised exchange. (DEX). There is even a mobile app available for iOS and Android. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto currencies are all available to trade on the DEX.

Easy Mining

Mining with waves could not be easier. No expensive hardware is required. You simply lease your waves out to receive mining fees. You do not need to send your waves to anyone. It’s as simple as clicking a button. Your waves never even leave your wallet, and are completely secure.

Waves uses proof of stake mining. Meaning the more waves you have increases your power on the network bringing in more fees to the miners. Waves network is constructed with nodes. Each of the nodes process transactions, and with each transaction a small fee is paid to the miners. A minimum of 1000 waves is needed to setup a node, and a node can also accept peoples leasing requests making that node more powerful. When a node accepts leasing requests any fees (mining revenue) is shared out to the leaser.  More info on bitcoin mining here.

Learn more on the waves site: wavesplatform.com/mining

Miner Reward Token – MRT

Aswell as receiving waves for mining, MRT is also paid to nodes as a bonus for each block found and some shared with leasers. 60 MRT is reward for the 1st 70 blocks generated per day, followed by 30 MRT there after. MRT like any other waves token can then be safely stored in your waves wallet, or traded on the DEX.

In addition to any WAVES they receive, nodes will receive 60 MRT per block for the first 70 blocks they generate per day, with 30 MRT per block awarded thereafter.

Multiple Platforms

Low fees, super fast transactions, custom tokens, DEX, easy mining, and accessibility! Waves can be used on multiple platforms. iOS app, android app, online wallet, and desktop app.

Waves Ng

Waves Ng allows hundreds of transactions per second to be completed on the Blockchain. Which is claimed to be the fastest Blockchain in the world! All with very low fees! Waves Ng is based on the bitcoin Ng proposal by Cornell computer science to combat the much known scalability problem with bitcoin. But waves had adopted this with the 1st live protocol for proof of stake blockchain.

Waves Ng Tx

Fiat Gateways

Euro, and Usd can be used to purchase crypto on the waves platform, and also be stored, transferred, bought, and sold etc. Using gateways allows you to get them fiat currency into or out of your bank account.

Price And Circulation

At the time we write this the btc price per wave is 0.00055, or $5.93. With a total circulation of coins at 100 million, gives a market cap of $593 million. On successful ico completion just over 30,000 bitcoin where raised. At the time worth around $16 million. At today’s value thats $315 million!

Where To Buy Waves

Waves can be bought at a number of online exchanges, including, but not limited to:

Disclaimer: Bitcoin and crypto currencies are high risk, and volitile.  You may lose all of your capital, or more.