Salt – Bitcoin Backed Lending

Bitcoin Loans

Salt allows you to use your bitcoin or alt coins soon to come, as collateral against a fiat loan. Sort of like a bitcoin loan. No credit check is required, only deposit of your digital currency.

So let’s say you want to do some home improvements, start a business, or even buy a car. The chances are you are going to need fiat currency to do that. Problem is all of your capital is stored in bitcoin, or other alt curriencies, and you don’t want to sell them because you believe that the value of your digital currency investments will increase in the future.

Salt makes it possible to keep your digital currency as collateral against your fiat loan:

  • Buy salt tokens to gain access to membership. (More info below).
  • You request a loan.
  • Your loan is approved.
  • You give salt your bitcoin as collateral
  • Your fiat loan is issued to your bank account.
  • You keep up, and complete your repayment plan.
  • Your bitcoin is returned to you safe and secure.

Buying Salt Tokens

Salt tokens can be bought directly from the salt website. But for the moment can be bought on exchanges at a cheaper price. Take a look at or, other exchanges offer salt tokens for sale also.

Price And Circulation

120 million salt tokens are in supply.  And at the moment are on bittrex for 0.00044 btc. Which is about $4.11 usd.

Disclaimer: Bitcoin and crypto currencies are very high risk. We do not give advice. You may lose all of your investment, and more.