Lendriod Post TGE Info – LST

lendriodLendriod Post TGE Information

Lendriod completed its TGE (token generation event) on 20th Feb 2018 and lasted 30 hours!  The 1st 24 hours of the lendriod token sale had a restriction on how much each participant could invest – 0.46 ETH.  The hard cap of 5000 ETH was successfully reached in the following 30 hours!  Inital trading looks to be available on idex exchange here https://idex.market/eth/lst

To Vest, Or Not To Vest

During the initial investment process an option was available to vest, or not to vest your contribution.  To vest means that your tokens are locked in for 12 months, in return you receive a bonus, and your tokens are released gradually.  Or you could choose to simply receive your tokens at the end of the TGE.  More info on the end of the TGE is here: https://blog.lendroid.com/the-lendroid-token-generation-event-is-closed-6f4d7009a67a

To our knowledge the time to change your vesting preference has expired, so now you must wait until the smart contract releases your tokens if you chose to vest, or simply withdraw them from lendriod using the instructions they provided if you decided not to vest. Click here for instructions.  More info on how your vested bonus will work, how to claim your tokens, and the genesis block please look here: https://blog.lendroid.com/this-is-the-genesis-of-the-lendroid-support-token-46124fcf3a13

View Your Lendriod Tokens (LST)

To view how many LST you have vested, or not vested visit https://tge.lendroid.com and enter your ETH address that you used to to purchase LST tokens.  If you enter a different ETH address than the one you sent your investment from you will not be able to see your balance.  It must be the address you sent your ETH from to invest in Lendriod.

Good luck!

Disclaimer:  Bitcoin, and crypto currencies are high risk.  You may lose all of your investment.  All information is provided with informational purposes only.  We do not provide investment advice.