Setup Your Own Bitcoin Website – Affiliate Marketing – Passive Income

Setting up your own bitcoin website is what we have done on this website.  You need to think of a domain name, buy it.  Then find a hosting provider that will meet your hosting needs.  For your 1st website shared hosting should normally be ok.  Set up your website, maybe use a CMS system like joomla or wordpress.  Add your content, and promote.  All sounds easy when you talk about it.  And now affiliate marketing!

Hopefully you will have already came across something called affiliate marketing.  What this means is that you promote another companies product or service.  Then every time someone clicks on the click, signs up for a services, buys a product or service, or carries out some other task.  The owner of the website receives payment of some sort from the company that they are promoting.  So for example we have set up a guide about how to buy your 1st bitcoin from  Click here to view it.  Every time someone clicks on that link, goes to the coinbase website and purchases digital currency we are rewarded for sending that new customer to coinbase.

When the customer clicks on the link that is provided it contains a special code, or referral link that can be tracked back to your website.  This is how payments are tracked and correctly paid to you.  The more traffic that is generated on the website, the higher the probability will be that someone is going to click on that link, then go over and purchase that product or service.

So at this point is where passive income comes into play.  Once you have wrote enough content, and your site has been marketed enough.  Search engine optimisation is very important here.  You can also pay for your ads to be shown on website, facebook, twitter, this list is endless. The referral links remain in place, the site traffic keeps on coming, and so do the commission payments that you receive from the companies you are promoting.  However its best not to let a website become dormant because search engines will pick up on that and give you a lower ranking.

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