How To Make Money With Bitcoin

Bitcoin price is highly volatile.  Because of this lots or money can be made or lost very quickly.  How do I make money with bitcoin? Some people say that it is a store of value, wealth or an investment vehicle.  Disclaimer: Any actions you take are at your own risk.  Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.  So how do i really profit from bitcoin you might be thinking? Well, many options are available to you:

Buy and hold hoping the fiat value increases against bitcoin. Eg you invest 1000usd into bitcoin, and a year later the value of bitcoin increases, so your investment is now worth 1500usd.

You could invest in alt coins in the hope that the value increases at a rate faster than bitcoin which would increase your bitcoin holdings, provided that the fiat price of bitcoin increased in the same time, or remained the same.

Offer products services for bitcoin

Loan your bitcoin out for returns


Invest in an ICO

Become a bitcoin or alt coin miner

Set up your own bitcoin website


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